Our Values

AI has the potential to make our world so much better. When developed and deployed carefully, it will create new economic opportunities, revolutionize education, cure diseases, and help solve the world’s most pressing problems. We want to live in a world with responsible AI technology the benefits everyone. 

One of our greatest fears is that, without intervention, the benefits created by AI won’t be distributed equally. We want to see a world where critical decisions about the future of humanity aren’t made by a handful of corporate stakeholders with massive financial conflicts of interest. Equality and democracy should be at the center of the conversation surrounding AI.

We believe the best way to positively influence our future is to engage with real-world problems, debates, and opportunities surrounding AI today. That means monitoring the individuals and companies that are developing and deploying new AI technology to ensure that they are acting responsibly and with everyone’s best interest in mind.

AI technology is improving at full speed, and we expect it to change the world in unprecedented ways. Beyond economic and social transformation, the potential for machines to reach or exceed human-level intelligence, or even to have their own morally-relevant internal experiences, is not science fiction to us. It’s a real possibility. The time to prepare for these possibilities is now.

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