Tweet at Cognition

Despite outreach from The Midas Project, Cognition has failed to provide any information about when they will release a comprehensive risk-evaluation policy — or if they will at all. Perhaps they think they can get away with this on account of the fact that they’re still relatively under-the-radar.

It’s time for the public to demand action.

Note: This guide suggests tweeting at specific individuals at Cognition. It’s your right to express your opinion and concerns about AI development directly to the people most responsible — but we request that you be polite and refrain from engaging in personal attacks or spam-like behavior.

Companies are more likely to address controversy when the conversation is public — which is why we think reaching out on social media can be so impactful.

We are focusing on Twitter since that is the platform used most by tech employees, including the leaders of Cognition.

  1. Select one of the following Twitter accounts

2. Open their most recent tweet(s)

3. Let them know you are expecting Cognition to take AI safety seriously

Here is a template Tweet — though we encourage you to personalize the message to make it authentic.

4. (Optional) Let us know you’ve taken action!

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