Why Midas

How can we ensure that AI does what we want it to?

“We call this the King Midas problem.

King Midas specified his objective: I want everything I touch turned to gold. He got exactly what he asked for.

Unfortunately, that included his food and his drink and his family members, and he dies in misery and starvation….

If you continue on the current path, the better AI gets, the worse things get for us. For any given incorrectly stated objective, the better a system achieves that objective, the worse it is.”

Stuart Russell, professor of computer science at University of California Berkley

Can we trust profit-driven corporations to develop and deploy AI safely?

The biggest tech companies in the world are currently locked in a corporate arms race for the future of artificial intelligence.

They are convinced that they are on the brink of unlocking one of the most economically powerful discoveries in human history, and their drive to beat their competitors to the finish line is unmatched.

As AI becomes more powerful, it is critical that we take the necessary time to carefully plan how to avoid the risks of artificial intelligence and ensure it benefits everybody.

For AI to benefit everybody, we must speak up now.

Companies are failing to implement critical safeguards, and regulators aren’t moving quickly enough.

Artificial intelligence already poses significant risks, and more is soon to come. In order to ensure that the worst dangers can be avoided, the public will need to mobilize and speak out against the dangers this technology poses.

AI should benefit everyone. We’re fighting to make sure that happens.

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